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PLAY your part… Your support makes a difference! KidsPlay is the only museum in Northwest Connecticut specifically dedicated to child-directed learning. It is a unique place where the physical, mental and social aspects of learning through play promote further exploration of art, culture and the world around us. Where else can local children… • Build pre-academic knowledge and social skills through developmental play. • Find hand-on experiences and role-playing opportunities that integrate many disciplines including science, art, history, language and motor skills. • Experience lively, affordable programming delivered by regional experts and volunteers. • Participate in learning away from the screen through creative experimentation and problem solving. • Have a safe and stimulating environment where imaginative play can be shared with their caregivers. • Initiate a life-long love of literacy in a fanciful exhibit dedicated to books, authors, storytelling and drama. Your support helps us grow in mission and service, adding to the vitality and quality of life in the diverse communities of the northwest corner of Connecticut.


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Support our mission, day-to-day operations, programming and efforts to maintain a clean, safe and attractive facility.